7 Sweet Food Items To Treat Yourself

Apart from the water, food is the thing that we need to survive. Caveman’s found a way to cook food and then slowly started searching for many different types of food that nature provides us. Slowly, the art of cooking and preparing food started to evolve, and humans learned to make different types of food from the same raw materials.

One such type of food is sweet food. And there are millions of people on this planet who can’t resist themselves from eating sweet foods. The type of sweet dishes is countless, and more are being developed by the chefs every minute.

Today, we have brought some of the most amazing and widely-loved sweet food items.

So, let’s have a sweet spree!


Halwa is an Indian sweet dish which is easy to make. Usually, only four ingredients are used to prepare Halwa. From the four ingredients, three constant ingredients are Ghee, Sugar, and Water. And the fourth ingredient is the main ingredient which gives the Halwa its name. Like Moong Dal Halwa, Carrot Halwa, Pineapple Halwa, Besan Halwa, and more.


One of the most famous sweet foods in India is Ladoo. The round balls made after mashing all the ingredients together takes a person on a sweet and pleasant paradise as soon as they touch the lips and slips on the tongue. Boondi Ladoo and Besan Ladoo are the ones most loved by people. But you can also enjoy Atta Ladoo, Churma Ladoo, Mewa Ladoo, Gond Ladoo, and more.


Round and irregular swirls of maida poured into boiling ghee and then dipped in sugar syrup results in our beloved Jalebi. From small stalls to rich sweet shops, Jalebi is the sweet food that is ruling from the ages and will continue to do so. Mithai Walas have also started making big Jalebis that weigh around half Kg to one Kg.


Finding a person who doesn’t like to eat chocolates is like a task of finding a needle in a haystack. Right now, there are so many chocolate brands in the market that you can never run out of the options to treat yourself. From simple chocolates to flavoured chocolates, there are a lot of varieties that one can enjoy.


Cream, batter, flavour, sugar, and frosting are the words that are common now. And what they make is a delicious cake. From bakeries to the home kitchens, cakes have perfectly made their place in our hearts, and they do justice with our celebrations. There are so many cake flavours that you can enjoy to satiate your sweet hunger. And technology has made it possible to get the cake delivered within a few hours through cake delivery in Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, or wherever you live.


Well, the summer is gone, and the no. of people eating icecreams on a daily basis have decreased. But, there is no better sweet food than ice creams to get relief from the scorching heat of summers in a treatful manner. Icecreams are available in scoops, cones, sticks, and bricks. And there are many ice cream makers in the markets who only use natural ingredients to make icecreams. Even if the winter is here, you can have it as a dessert after lunch.


The large and immense hues of happiness are sometimes found in the smallest things. Just like you can find the sweet happiness in candies. And if you want to know what exactly the happiness of eating candies look like, give candy to a child and see him/her enjoying that. And most of us have had candy once in our lifetime for sure. Whether it’s chocolate candy or mango candy, happiness and a sweet treat is guaranteed.

The list can be endless, but we don’t want you to get confused and end up without making your mind. All the sweet food items that we have mentioned above are easy to make or easy to find around yourself, and that is the prime reason they are on the list.

Eating sweet food can cope instantly with stress and also provides satisfactory pleasure. But, the consumption should always be limited because overeating of sweet food can cause bad teeth and increased sugar levels in the body.

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