Introduction The three gunas or qualities of Nature are sattva (purity or transcendence), rajas (activity and distraction), and tamas (inertia or ignorance). These qualities are present in all foods and have a profound influence on the mind and spiritual development. Tamasic foods are processed, artificial, devitalized, overcooked, or putrefied. Not […]

The history of the stock pot is not nearly as ancient as one would think. Cooking vessels were a very slow but necessary part of the evolution of humanity. While early man used reeds, turtle sheets, mollusks and the stomach from animals to heat their food, the evolution to pottery […]

Starter recipes with seafood are becoming more popular, as people begin to experiment with different foods and flavors. Seafood starters can be incredibly impressive, and your guests will be amazed at your culinary skills. However, you want to ensure that you select a starter that can be prepared and made […]

Allergy is an over-reaction of the body when it comes in contact with certain foreign substances. It is also referred to as atopy and immediate hypersensitivity. It is acquired, which means that this medical condition has developed post-fetally and predictable, which means that its symptoms are known commonly. Its symptoms […]

Food security is a concern all over the world and India is no exception. Given that 60% of the country’s population still lives below the poverty line. We can safely presume, there is a major chunk that cannot afford complete three square meals. The government since independence has been working […]

Suriname celebrates its Independence Day on the twenty fifth of November every year. The political history of Suriname was rife with rampant acts of slavery and untold torture on the local population. The presence of the nature gifted rivers contributed to the fertility of the Guyana plains. The fifteenth and […]

Is it important to choose organic? Yes! Here are five reasons why. 1. Organic food is more nutritious. When produce is fed copious amounts of synthetic fertilizer, it grows bigger, brighter, and faster than organic produce. It experiences bionic, unnatural growth instead. The cells are packed with falsehoods – not […]