Humans evolved from marine organisms millions of years ago, and are still very much attached to their roots, which caters to their ever-demanding “needs”. The vast potential of the richness of marine world has in fact taken care of the daily dietary requirements of human beings, on a daily basis… […]

Increasingly facile access to global labor sources must not be tainted by a strategic shift in management control practices from oversight to abdication. Vertical integration of corporations is rapidly breaking down in the face of more effective, disaggregated models that retain a core executive responsibility for capital allocation, but are […]

Many are people are now seriously considering making their own dog food simply because they are worried about what their dogs are actually eating. Whilst others are making their own homemade dog food as they then have more control over what it is their dog eats. Then there are others […]

A shepherd herds and manages sheep, usually to raise them for eventual sale at a meat market. When used as a verb, the word shepherd means to guide something (like sheep); move them in the direction of where you want them next. For sheep, that often means from their pen […]

Package labels are essential for the identification of the products in the marketplace. An entrepreneur also enhances the appearance of the label for promoting the product. The significance of label is to provide information to a prospective customer about the ingredients of the product. This function fulfills informative purpose of […]

It is needless to say that food plays an indispensable role in human’s life, and with the well development of our material basis, people have a higher requirement on food supply. However, how many people realize the importance of food packaging? Generally, food packaging has three advantages: protection, promotion, and […]

In light of the recent research study confirming that high fructose corn syrup causes cancer cells to grow and proliferate I thought I would throw together a list of foods with high fructose corn syrup so you can know which foods to avoid. Because the fact is, you MUST work […]

A person may one day wake up with a brilliant idea and choose to take this brilliant idea further by approaching a product development company. However the person may face this problem, which do they turn to and how do they know to trust that company that has offered their […]

Okay, it’s time to clear up the shortbread confusion once and for all. Today I went to a pot luck party. I brought tourtiere, a traditional French Canadian meat pie that my grandmother used to make. One guy said, “Aw man…you didn’t bring your sweetbreads!” To this I replied, “Nope, […]

The growing consumerism and a fast paced lifestyle have led to a greater demand for packed and processed food. The challenge most food processing units face today is to produce food items which contain minimal amount of chemicals and preservatives yet have optimum appeal and shelf-life. And this has raised […]

After the outsourcing wave of the early 90s “Private labelling” (a.k.a White label) is becoming the ‘new Normal’ for brand positioning. They are products or services are typically those manufactured or provided by one company for offer under another company’s brand. They are goods and services are available in a […]