Walk around your local supermarket and notice where the food is displayed. Around the outer edge, you find fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meat and dairy products. These food products are packaged and sold much as they were grown. As you look at each item, you can see what it […]

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology or AAAAI estimates that about 10 million pet lovers or pet owners in the United States are allergic to animals’ fur. More and more households in the country are adopting or sheltering a pet dog, which is considered man’s best friend even […]

Mahamri is an alternative to bread or tea biscuits. It is sweetened and spiced. Mahamris are a specialty at the Kenyan coast. Coastal women prepare them for breakfast or even as an accompaniment for vegetarian dishes. WHAT YOU NEED TO PREPARE MAHAMRI Iliki – Swahili for cardamom Amira – Swahili […]

This article answers and gives some information about why do you crave spinach. This symptom is part of food allergy and also candida symptoms. For example this woman, she craved spinach for a few days. Someone from the internet said it might because she is allergic to it. That could […]

Enzymes are long-chain proteins held together in very specific shapes by hydrogen bonds, like a ball of string which is held in a very particular shape by tiny strips of Velcro. If anything happens to the Velcro-like bonds, the enzyme protein unravels, losing its shape. Without the shape, the key […]

Private label products or services are those manufactured or provided by one company for offer under another company’s brand. These are also known as store brands, private brands, or private goods. Private brands are available in a wide range of industries from food to cosmetics. In the past, these products […]

Allergy testing Allergies or insensitivities to foods and substances may cause impaired health, weight gain or symptoms which doctors find difficult to resolve. The starting point is to detect, what are the problem foods or substances for you? There are different methods which can be used, including blood tests. However, […]

It’s often said that food is the best source of nutrients, and that’s a fair statement. The nutrients in food are generally more bio-available than the ones in nutritional supplements. Food also undoubtedly contains micronutrients that scientists haven’t yet identified that are crucial to good health. That said, I believe […]

With reasons being unknown about the cause of stuttering, there is a theory going around which states the connection between food allergies and stuttering. According to this notion, the allergy to certain foods causes the sympathetic nervous system to be activated rather than the para-sympathetic nervous system. As a result, […]

When you talk to anyone who is interested in health and fitness issues they are generally aware of the concept and ideas behind the organic food market. But conversely there is very little consciousness of agricultural products which are grown to provide textiles and the methods involved. We tend to […]

Whilst on business in the UK recently, I came across an interesting term – “choice-editing”. Quite simply the term means to reduce or “edit” the number of choices available to a consumer because of some pre-determined factor. It’s not an entirely new concept. Governments have been doing it for years. […]