Simple and delicious Pumpkin Dump Cake preps in minutes. With all of these earthy flavors, it’s perfect all fall long! We love dump cakes—because of the simplicity, but also the TASTE! Our favorite flavors include peach and cherry, but in the fall, this Pumpkin Dump Cake is the only cake […]

Trashed Wings might just be the BEST wings ever! Essentially, they’re just chicken wings that are flash fried, coated in buffalo sauce, then fried again until they’re deliciously crispy and fully cooked. Make a batch of these chicken wings for game day and watch them disappear! Pin this recipe for […]

Straight to the Point Our favorite bowl scraper is the Indigo True bowl scraper. It’s flexible enough to scrape down the sides of bowls and stiff enough to cut through sticky dough. We also liked the KitchenAid Gourmet Bowl Scraper, which comes as a set of two scrapers (one larger […]