Whilst on business in the UK recently, I came across an interesting term – “choice-editing”. Quite simply the term means to reduce or “edit” the number of choices available to a consumer because of some pre-determined factor. It’s not an entirely new concept. Governments have been doing it for years. […]

The following tips are applicable to just about any pet. I have accumulated this information from my own experiences as an animal communicator, with my own pets (which include dogs, fish, birds, turtles and rabbits) as well as from veterinarians and animal rescue organizations. None of this information is intended […]

The raw food diet is rapidly gaining popularity and awareness among knowledgeable health conscious consumers. As we enter the 21st century people are becoming more diet conscious due to an increase in understanding about how the body works. When people pursue raw food diet weight loss and abandon modern processed […]

Many entrepreneurs are thinking about putting up their own restaurants. Restaurants are generally seen as good business ventures because people are always looking for food. There are different types of restaurants that businessmen can look into starting up and the decision regarding what type of restaurant or what style to […]

A common dilemma among dog owners is choosing the healthiest and most suitable food for their doggies. There are a lot of dog foods sold in the market and dog owners are having a hard time choosing the best for their dog. Dog owners are confused whether they should buy […]

A growing number of people in the US are careful to avoid GM (genetically modified) Foods, but is almost impossible to do so. Any journey through the alleys of a supermarket becomes increasingly frustrating, as the Ingredients labels have become cryptic and deceptive, so that only experts can decipher them. […]