Humans evolved from marine organisms millions of years ago, and are still very much attached to their roots, which caters to their ever-demanding “needs”. The vast potential of the richness of marine world has in fact taken care of the daily dietary requirements of human beings, on a daily basis… […]

Increasingly facile access to global labor sources must not be tainted by a strategic shift in management control practices from oversight to abdication. Vertical integration of corporations is rapidly breaking down in the face of more effective, disaggregated models that retain a core executive responsibility for capital allocation, but are […]

If I hear someone say breakfast is the most important meal one more time, I’m gonna’ bean ’em with my bran muffin. Every meal is important if you’re interested in health. With the incidence of diabetes on the rise, it’s very important that we have a balanced and stable amount […]

One that is coprophagous is one that consumes excrement. Feral pigs are notable consumers of their own and other animal’s excrement. Certain young animals like elephants, pandas and hippos also eat their mother’s excrement in order to access and harness specific bacteria needed to digest the vegetation around them. The […]

Many are people are now seriously considering making their own dog food simply because they are worried about what their dogs are actually eating. Whilst others are making their own homemade dog food as they then have more control over what it is their dog eats. Then there are others […]

When one thinks of cooking using a crock pot, he would automatically think of making meats juicy and tender. But slow cookers aren’t only good for meats, they’re ideal for all types of ingredients including fresh fruits and vegetables. So if you’ve recently started a healthy diet, you can count […]

Like those ice creams and tasty fruit shakes, smoothies are perfect to have during sunny days and in humid environments. Sipping your favorite smoothie will surely quench your thirst with its soothing taste. Aside from its delicious taste, of course, every smoothie is also packed with essential vitamins and minerals […]

There are tons of excuses flying at any direction whenever healthy eating is mentioned. Some people like to come up with excuses even when their health is at risk, they can now win over their subconscious by buying a simple and cheap wire vegetable rack. Read on to understand how […]

A shepherd herds and manages sheep, usually to raise them for eventual sale at a meat market. When used as a verb, the word shepherd means to guide something (like sheep); move them in the direction of where you want them next. For sheep, that often means from their pen […]

Enlisting unforgettable and unmatched chefs of all times like Carême, Bocuse, Escoffier, La Varenne, Fernand Point, and Taillevent, French cuisine is considered as the basis for all basic forms of Western cooking. French cooking is as old as the times when dining had just begun to become a fun time […]