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The majority of us are people who love food. We have seen this trend since the past few years of people trying new food combinations. You will be surprised to know the things that are being paired together, I am sure you would not have ever thought about it. Among all the combos I would like to talk about the one that is very common and loved by many, which is the seafood and liquor paired with each other. Seafood lovers are the ones that are very loyal, and they have specific preferences regarding the kind of seafood they want with the kind of spices on it. When it comes to pairing seafood with liquor, they make sure that the taste of liquor balances the taste of seafood rather than overpowering it. We are here to tell you about the kind of liquor to choose that will go best with your seafood that you will order at a restaurant when they will be reopened after covid-19 closures. Read about them below. 


Among all the liquor, vodka is considered to be the strongest one. Many people are fans of vodka just because of its strong taste and texture. This liquor has a citrus taste. Vodka is loved by many and so is the seafood. Seafood is enjoyed by a vast majority and each one of them has their preferences in it. Pairing vodka with seafood comes with the benefit of giving you the perfect taste because as we all know that a drink having citrus flavor in it can complement every fresh seafood like shrimp, crabs, salmon, and many more.


There are some drinks that are known to be used in special places on special occasions. Rum is the one that is known to be used by sailors. Just think about it once you are in the middle of the sea and as you know rum is the most consumed liquor by a sailor and you want to have some food, what will you go for? Seafood is the answer. You will prefer to have seafood when you will be in the middle of the sea and this is how a rum perfectly goes with seafood, especially for sailors.


Gin is a kind of liquor that has a predominant flavor. This liquor is known to have a bold taste, the kind of taste that satisfies your liquor cravings. Pairing seafood with gin is something that is not so traditional and people might not have heard much about it. Go to a restaurant, order a smoked fish dip for yourself, and with that ask for a glass of gin garnished with a slice of lemon. I am sure that you will completely fall in love with the unique taste of this combination.


A person who’s a liquor lover must have tried whiskey first when they have started consuming liquor as it is considered to be a must drink to have. The whiskey has a spicy taste with a peaty flavor. You get to have this flavor in your whiskey only when you have the right whiskey from the right place. Seafood can easily be paired with a whiskey or if you say a whiskey goes best with seafood, both are the same things. How many of you like grilled salmon? You can have grilled salmon with whiskey. I am sure you won’t regret having this combo.


This drink is known to be very famous among people. The agave plant is used in the preparation of Tequila. There are many types of tequila that are produced and then consumed at a very high rate. Among all the types Gold tequila is the one that goes best with seafood. A spicy linguine can perfectly be balanced with gold tequila. The sweetness that arrives from the agave fruit in tequila balances the spices present in a linguini. Not necessary to always have a wine that is similar to the taste of the seafood you are having.


This is a much underrated drink, but I am sure of the fact that even if it has a small number of fans all of them are very loyal when it comes to its consumption. Bourbon is a unique drink whose taste comprises vanilla and caramel. Pairing bourbon with seafood can be the best decision if the dish has big bold flavors. Mahi with a gravy called Tasso ham gravy compliments the taste of bourbon perfectly. Both the things having an essence of pepper is the reason why this dish should be served with bourbon.

We have suggested you the liquors that are found both in the list of best liqueurs online and in the shops. In conclusion, we would suggest that at the end of the day it is the person’s choice to go with whatever liquor they want to have with the seafood. You just have to understand your taste buds and select the kind of liquor that perfectly satisfy your liquor cravings along with your seafood. 

Rebecca R. Ammons

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