A-Z date ideas: County fair

From rides to games to pigs, there is really no other activity like the county fair. As these fun carnivals are sweeping across the country for summertime, this is the perfect activity for any type of person this summer. If you’ve been struggling trying to find things to do as summer winds down, look no further because the fair is sure to have something for you. That’s why this week’s A-Z date idea in the Bay Area is the county fair!

The food

When going to the fair, one of the best things to check out is the plethora of odd food choices they advertise. From fried Oreos to ramen burritos, there’s no short supply of snacks to keep you interested. There’s always endless options of desserts, meals and snacks to keep any appetite satisfied. If you plan ahead, certain days even have food fairs with specific food genres highlighted! Take a look at your local county fair’s website to find the perfect niche food for you.

The rides and games

Nothing screams county fair like the copious amounts of rollercoasters, fun houses and impossible games. Pick up some tickets and spend hours going from attraction to attraction. With activities ranging from mild to extreme thriller, everyone is sure to find something that is perfect for them. And, if you’re really lucky, you may even walk away with a stuffed animal or goldfish to show for your hard work!

The shows

Every county fair is sure to draw you in with the countless exciting shows they put on every night. With highlights ranging from Elton John impersonators to local ballet studios, you could spend an entire day sitting at the theater enjoying the entertainment. Some local carnivals even have special concerts planned out! Take a look at an event calendar and plan ahead so you can enjoy a night of your favorite entertainers.

The shopping

One surprising joy at the fair is the peculiar and exciting halls filled with shopping booths. Take a cool stroll through air-conditioned arenas to look at everything from gigantic hot tubs to hair extensions. Even if you don’t plan on buying anything, you’re sure to enjoy looking at all the cool knick-knacks the fair has to offer.

The animals

From sheep to horses, the fair is full of lots of award-winning farm animals to take a look at and spend time petting. You can sit with some goats or play with a couple bunnies. Spend some time feeding the barn animals and taking in their adorable nature. The Daily Clog specifically recommends taking a look at miniature pig racing that is highlighted at many of these county fairs! These adorable fostered pigs raise money to keep them healthy and safe by racing through miniature courses.

The art competitions

One thing about the fair is that it will hit every niche. People of all ages are constantly submitting artwork, baked goods, extravagant cakes and sewn projects to be judged and admired by all. If you like perusing through different art forms, you’re sure to love this aspect of the county fair. Take a look at all kinds of interesting projects and admire how varied people’s talents can be.

All in all, you really can’t go wrong with the county fair. No matter what you’re into you’re sure to find something that sparks your interest. So buy a ticket and head on over to your local county fair to spend a perfect summer day taking in all it has to offer.

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Rebecca R. Ammons

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