Commercial Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid

10 mistakes to avoid while designing a hotel/ restaurant kitchen ...

When designing your commercial kitchen, mistakes translate to losses. Your kitchen is the foundation of your restaurant and if anything goes wrong, it may affect the functioning of the entire restaurant.

The design of your kitchen may affect the restaurant in various ways. It could affect:

  • Efficiency of the food preparation process
  • The cleanliness of your restaurant
  • Your ability to meet the existing codes and standards
  • The ability of your staff to follow safe food-handling practices

If you plan on starting a restaurant, you have to be clear about your kitchen design. Common mistakes to avoid include the following:

  1.     Lack of Storage

If you don’t have sufficient storage space, you will soon run into problems. If you have no storage space for your perishables, you may waste a lot of money. Prepare for deliveries and future growth.

  1.     Prioritize Safety and Workflow

Your employees will be spending a lot of time in your kitchen. It should look and feel good. However, you should never prioritize aesthetics over functionality and safety. Include proper landing spaces around your appliances and ensure that there is plenty of room for movement around the kitchen.

The design of your kitchen should be consistent with the menu. Think about the type and volume of food, the number of kitchen employees, and the best possible workflow. Work with a professional designer to ensure that your kitchen design is compliant with the applicable standards.

  1.     Plan for Equipment Maintenance

A common mistake that most restaurant owners make is the failure to plan for equipment maintenance. Proper maintenance helps you save money and ensures that all equipment is working efficiently to reduce down-time. Failing to plan for regular maintenance could cost you more than you think.

  1.     Choosing the Wrong Equipment

Even though it is important to choose modern equipment, your restaurant does not need all the modern equipment. When choosing your kitchen equipment, pay attention to who will be using it and how they will be using it. Ensure that your kitchen staff has the skills to operate it and that it is relevant for your menu. It should be installed correctly and just the right size for your kitchen space.

  1.     Poor Ventilation Design

Lack of sufficient ventilation in your kitchen is a potential safety hazard for kitchen employees. It can cause the accumulation of unpleasant smells and smoke in your dining space. Poor ventilation can lead to the accumulation of grease in your kitchen making it harder to clean.

  1.     Wrong Building Material

Using the wrong materials for the construction of your restaurant could lead to losses. Porcelain floor tiles, for example, look great but may be a bad choice for your kitchen floor. When choosing material, always prioritize functionality over appearance. Do not choose a material that is dangerous or difficult to maintain.

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Rebecca R. Ammons

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