Custom cups with lids production process

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Custom cups with lids production

Any catering business knows perfectly well that it is not enough for a visitor to offer delicious coffee. The food and beverage packaging which he serves to the guest is essential. Whatever fragrant coffee is, if it is presented in an uncomfortable and hot glass, the pleasure and impression of the establishment will be completely spoiled. Moreover, your client may get burned.

Many mistakenly think all cups are the same, but this is only at first glance. 

  • When choosing cups for a coffee, it is best to stop at dishes made of thick cardboard. Ideally, such cups are with holders (for the convenience of visitors).
  • The second point that you should pay attention to is tightness. Each manufacturer has its manufacturing technology, and not everyone can provide such a glass that reliably protects the drink from leakage.
  • The third factor is the cup look. This is a powerful marketing weapon. The design increases the level of customer confidence. Naturally, you can use ordinary white glasses. However, by showing imagination, you risk not only pleasantly surprising guests but also promoting your brand. Thus, you will emphasize your individuality and increase your loyalty.

Custom cups with lids are a great choice here. They are produced in a light brown color, which allows you to apply logos of any shade on them: from golden to black. They are both single-layer and double-layer. Perfect for small portions of coffee, tea, cocoa, and hot chocolate. Such a branded container will successfully distinguish you from competitors and increase the cost of the finished product.

Types of disposable restaurant supplies

  • Cardboard or paper. 

They recently become the most demand among consumers. Only high-quality cardboard and cellulose are used for production. They do not absorb moisture (pass additional lamination). 

The material from which paper cups are made has several features. 70% of the substance is coniferous trees. The remaining 30% are deciduous. As a result, they are environmentally friendly and safe. They are comfortable and pleasant to hold in your hands, and the lids exclude spillage and retain heat. In six months, they completely decompose.

  • From polystyrene. 

The most common glasses for vending machines. The material has unique thermal insulation properties: it retains heat or coolness for a long time, so there is such a thing as condensation on the outside of the container. Glasses are cheap and lightweight. This can easily break or deform.

Importance of custom cups production 

Сoffee cups have become an integral attribute of the life of a modern person. Everywhere you can meet people with such a container in their hands. Any coffee shop offers hot drinks “to take away” in cups. Thanks to them, you can order your favorite beverage and not worry that there is no time to drink it right in the cafe. Beautiful coffee cups will be an excellent and positive start to any day, even the most cloudy. They are designed for those who strive to lead an active lifestyle and do not want to waste a minute.

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