Feel-Good Organics

You’ll find tons of articles and lists on how to be more eco-friendly, and they’re all great. I still believe that going
organic in our average lives should be a pleasurable adventure, like taste-testing, not a social or political statement.

Organic food:

On a pretty autumn Saturday, swing into a local organic farm stand and browse. Nothing is better than locally grown produce
that’s grown exclusively for flavor and color, compared with supermarket veggies grown to withstand harsh cross country shipments.

Visit local pumpkin farms at harvest time. In many areas of the country, families annually enjoy autumn weekend outings to
pumpkin farms that are a riot of color, and absolutely packed with incredible organic vegetables at great prices. Try organic apple orchards and berry farms where you can pick your own baskets.

Try organic coffee. Yum! More stores are carrying organic java now, which may cost more but has rich flavors that cannot
be matched by chemically processed coffees. Look for the Fair Trade label which means beans grown and harvested by organic farms and coops around the world, who get a fairer price. Organic coffee farmers are better able to feed their families, provide education for the children, and provide community services we take for granted.

Absolutely plant some herbs. There’s nothing like clipping some basil and oregano from your own garden patch or patio pots, for your favorite sauce recipe. Most herbs don’t require much babying and come back year after year.

Go Vegetarian?

That’s a very personal decision. If your family is accustomed to meats, I suggest initially just cutting back on the burgers and introducing more fish, and more vegetable based entrees with cheese. Some restaurant chains are introducing vegetarian appetizers and entrees that are so good, being meatless is more of a bonus. Try some vegetarian dishes. If you and your family like them, add them to the menu.

Is an Organic Home too high-end?

No, not at all. While organic bedding and organic cottons for bed and bath are typically considered luxury items, they are for EVERYBODY. No need to strip your bedrooms and go nuts, unless you want to. In the range of around $100, you can pick up a few organic cotton bathtowels, an organic cotton bathrobe, or some basic organic cotton sheets.

Organic cotton blankets and throws are also around the $100 range, and the quality is amazing. Organic cotton and wool comforters are a bit more expensive, but will last years longer than conventional comforters. Gradually replace old pummeled bed pillows with organic cotton or wool fill pillows, that range between $50 and $100 apiece, depending on size.

Organic cotton underwear is very affordable. You can replace a bunch of undies for around $100.00, and good local or web-based stores are easy to find.

Organic foods and home products are to be enjoyed, and integration into our normal lives should be natural, pleasurable, and easy.

Rebecca R. Ammons

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