Foods That Relieve Constipation – What Should We Eat?

If you’ve got problems with constipation, you need to know about the foods that relieve constipation. There are several changes that you can make to your diet in order to alleviate some of the symptoms of constipation. These simple changes can make a world of difference in your digestive health.

One of the major reasons that you may be experiencing constipation is a lack of fiber in your diet. Fiber rich foods like fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains are severely lacking in our modern diet. Most of us depend on packaged meals and fast foods to get through our days. Even meals at restaurants can have low fiber counts. Including fiber rich foods that relieve constipation should be your first step in changing your diet.

Fiber is a food that relieves constipation, and it also helps prevent hemorrhoids and reduces blood cholesterol levels. Dietary fiber comes from the parts of plants that aren’t digested in the intestinal tract. Fiber binds water to your digested food and makes stools softer and bulkier, therefore making it easier to pass.

What are fiber rich foods? Although there is natural fiber in all fresh foods, some have more fiber than others. The top of the list for fiber rich foods that relieve constipation includes raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, rye, broccoli, green beans, apples with the skin, stone ground whole wheat, peanuts, walnuts and turnip greens.

Make it a habit of including more fresh foods in your diet. Start looking at the nutrition information on the sides of packaged foods to see how much fiber you are getting. Your daily intake of fiber should be between 25 and 30 grams for adults.

Constipation can also stem from a lack of friendly bacteria in the intestines. When you eat food, the enzymes and friendly bacteria in your small intestine do most of the work of breaking down the food. When antibiotics have killed off your friendly bacteria, it slows down the digestive process, which leads to constipation. There are foods that relieve constipation and can help build friendly bacteria in your intestines. Foods like miso, yogurt, dark greens and alfalfa greens can help your digestive system. Kefir, wheat grass products and micro algae can also build friendly bacteria.

Incorporating foods that relieve constipation into your diet is just part of preventing constipation. While these foods can help get your digestive system back on the right track, you need to take steps to cure the cause of constipation instead of just the symptoms.

Rebecca R. Ammons

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