Junk Food – Sweet and Slow Poison

The one best thing to live for is food, food and only food for the foodies. But do we really look into the taste or its nutritional value. Many restaurants and eat outs have flourished and they make good money out of their business of food.

EXAMPLE: The sodium mono glutamate added in the recipe’s of KFC will lead to negative health results in long term

The carbohydrates present in almost all drinks will damage nerves in the nasal and mouth cavity.

Black salt added in many Chinese items will decompose your bones.

These are just a few to bring out to the light of focus.But we still read it,ignore it and enjoy the taste at the cost of our health.Many newly born kids are born with malnutrition. Who is responsible for this? Is it our taste that we really look into or is it our negligence towards health.The government also has to take several measures and look into the health and nutrition of the people of the country because we always feel that “HEALTH is WEALTH”.

Health awareness has to be brought into the people and see that the nations population is at good health. Many people now are suffering from different kinds of diseases just because of the wrong intake of food. People in this country have got used to corrupt all the materials that we use. We can even find bananas getting ripened in seconds just by sprinkling a chemical on the raw bananas. Where have the ethics of our people gone. Don’t they think of their kids before doing all this.

Looking forward for some miracle to happen to stop all these things.

Rebecca R. Ammons

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