Nature’s Detox Diet – Following a Whole Foods Eating Plan

In order to live healthy people have to eat healthy. The two go hand in hand. While there are many healthy eating diets available, there are some that are a lot better than most. For those individuals that are interested in following an eating plan that is truly as healthy as they come the Whole Foods eating plan may be of interest. The Whole Foods eating plan consists of consuming foods which occur naturally. This means that there are certain foods that cannot be consumed if they have been processed or if they contain any type of additive. There are people that wish to follow this type of diet but are unsure what they should buy and how they should prepare their foods. The following explains how to follow a Whole Foods Eating plan for optimal health.

Individuals should understand that this eating plan involves consuming foods that are all natural. All natural refers to foods that are free of all types of additives, artificial flavorings, hormones and any other products. Essentially, this diet plan urges people to consume foods that are at their purest state. There are obviously some foods that are preferred over others in this program. For example, organic is preferred over food products purchased from the local supermarket. This is because organic foods are grown naturally without the addition of any pesticides, hormones and other harmful additives.

There is a simple technique to determine if what one is consuming is “whole”. First, whole foods must come from natural sources. Perfect examples of this include fruits and vegetables. Items such as M&Ms and soda are not whole foods as they do not occur naturally. Basically, if you cannot find it in nature then it cannot be eaten under the Whole Foods eating plan. Next, whole food does not contain any ingredients. It is essentially that product-and that’s it. For instance, a banana is a banana. There are no special ingredients that are combined to make a banana. Simplicity is the key factor in determining if a food is “whole”. Finally, whole foods don’t have complicated compositions. A rule of thumb is if the label on a food product is very complicated than the food is not whole. These are just some simple ways to tell if they foods are whole.

In order to follow a Whole Foods plan effectively individuals must be willing to analyze the foods that they consume on a daily basis. When one chooses to eat healthy one must become more conscious of what is placed in the body. This requires that people take more time and use more effort to choose foods that are best for their overall well being. Following this type of food plan is only for those that are committed to consuming only the best foods. The first step that people should take when they begin this food plan is to clean out their refrigerators because they will never eat the same foods again. Out with processed foods and in with all natural foods that are good for one’s health.

Rebecca R. Ammons

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