Party Planning Ideas and Tips

Party Planning Ideas

How to plan a party?

If you are a creative person you would never have to ask yourself this question, however when you are not that creative then you might want to seek some help to get some party planning ideas.

Throwing a party is not difficult. Planning a party that will impress everyone is not that easy. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to throw a party that keeps everyone talking even after years to come.

Organizing Basics

  • Start planning well in advance
  • Check if the date clashes with any important dates, football game, public holiday or others
  • Ensure that’s all guests will feel comfortable. Unfortunately you can not cater for everyone, but at least you can try to cater for everyone.
  • Question yourself who will be your audience, singles, couples, boys and girls, staff members.
  • Ensure everyone’s safety
  • First aid kit on site
  • Set a budget
  • Make a check list

Party Planning

Planning always start with a piece of paper and a pencil. Write down a list of your first ideas, and elaborate on them. Your party plan should fit on one sheet of paper even when you have a comprehensive plan. Get people mingling. Interaction with new and old friends at a party will only help the party to succeed.

Themed Party

Themed parties work great, as everyone can identify themselves with the theme. Themed party can be costumed but could be as simple as a black and white part. Just the colors are the theme. It will get people talking and interacting.

Food At The Party

Food is always an extremely important factor in a party plan, and it can add a lot to the budget and even complicate the whole plan. Food is nice, but does not have to be the main factor. Often finger snacks work as well. Or even to choose to have no food at all is possible.

Music At The Party

Music can make or break the party. Will you have CD’s playing, a DJ, and MC or even a band, or a combination of various music options. Whichever you choose for your party the music is a vital element of every party.

Party invitation

How will you invite people to your party? The invitation is important as without anyone knowing the details, like date, location and start time will be difficult to get everyone together. Sending a card or enveloped letter is the old fashion way, but it will still work. Emailing definitely does not work. Now Facebook offers a great solution. You can open a new event in Facebook, and friends can invite friends, a very modern way, but one that works perfectly.

Budget of The Party

Low budget or over the top? Which ever fits your party make sure you keep a household book on your party costs. Set a budget and try to aim for 80% of the budget, this will leave a 20% margin for unforeseen costs.

It is perfectly acceptable to ask other people to help, in fact most people you will find would be happy to help you with some party planning ideas.

Rebecca R. Ammons

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