Rabbit Food For a Happy Bunny

Caring for your lovely, fluffy bunny requires some careful thought and planning. If you want your rabbit to thrive and stay in tip-top health, it is very important supply a varied and healthy diet that contains all of the basic food groups needed. Essentially, your rabbit should be eating a diet of hay, dried rabbit food and fresh produce. You will need to make sure that you feed the correct portions from each of these important food groups.

– Hay for Your Rabbit

Hay is an absolutely vital element of your rabbit’s diet. It is a great source of fibre and essential vitamins and minerals. Hay will keep your rabbit’s digestive system in great working order because it contains very high levels of fibre. It will also help to prevent your rabbit’s teeth from getting too long. Chewing on the hay will wear your pet’s teeth down to the correct length. The vitamins and minerals found in hay are just perfect for your rabbit, and will help to make sure he keeps a glossy coat, bright eyes and great energy levels.


Every day, your rabbit should be provided with a fresh bunch of hay about the size of the rabbit itself.
1 x Rabbit Sized Portion of Hay x Daily = HAPPY BUNNY

– Dry Food – Commercial

Because your rabbit is not living ‘in the wild’ you will never truly be able to find the variety of foods needed to keep your bunny healthy. So, enter science, thank goodness. Dry food is carefully blended to contain the minerals and vitamins needed to keep your rabbit thriving and in excellent health. You can feed your pet pellets or a mixed batch. They usually contain yummy ingredients like cereal, biscuits and vegetables. Rabbits absolutely love dry food and will eat way too much if you let them. Make sure that you control the amount of dry food that you give your rabbit every day and carefully read the label. As a guide, half a cup of pellets per day should be enough, but it really does depend on the specific brand that you decide to go with.


1 x what the label says (50grams) x daily = HEALTHY BUNNY

– Fresh Produce

This is the easy part. Simply make sure that you give your rabbit some fresh food everyday. Fresh food contains anti-oxidants not found in processed food, so make sure that you feed your greens and vegetables everyday, such as lettuce and carrot. Note, stick to veg only – fruit should be avoided!


2 x little handfuls of fresh food = FIT BUNNY

By following these basic principles and by ensuring that you feed your bunny the correct proportions everyday, you will have a healthy, happy and energetic pet that is well cared for. A quick word of caution, avoid over feeding your bunny and make sure that you take your pet to the vet if you have any concerns about their overall health or diet.

Rebecca R. Ammons

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