Sihanoukville Restaurants – Offering a Huge Variety of Dining Options

You will find yourself in heaven when it comes to eating delicious international as well as local specialties in Sihanoukville. There are plenty of Sihanoukville restaurants scattered on the beaches and in the city, you will face no trouble locating them and ordering the kind of food that you love to eat. Whether you like eating authentic Chinese cuisine, or you are in a mode to try Japanese, Indian, German, Sri Lankan, Italian, British, American, Russian, or traditional Cambodian cuisine, you can expect a great dining experience in Sihanoukville.

Diners can choose a number of places to go and satisfy their taste buds, they can buy and eat different snacks from various street stalls scattered in the city and on the beaches, they can enjoy their meals at various beach shack restaurants and bars, they can relax and dine at rooftop eateries, or they can choose a luxury restaurant to experience fresh international cuisine at very affordable price.

When it comes to seafood, Sihanoukville is regarded as a heaven. Since it is naturally located amidst very productive water bodies, a constant supply of fresh seafood items such as prawns, fish, squids, lobsters and other treats are readily available at all times throughout the year. Almost all the Sihanoukville restaurants serve these seafood items in one form or another. So, if you are a seafood lover, you need to make sure to eat as much seafood as you can since it is not very expense here. You can even enjoy eating those giant prawns, lobsters, squids, and fresh fish while lying on those comfortable chairs scattered all over the beaches. In order to make sure that the customers are always served the freshest seafood items, some restaurants have kept big glass tanks to store live prawns, lobsters, fish, squids, and other seafood treats.

Without having a taste of the local Khmer cuisine your trip to Sihanoukville will be considered as incomplete. You will not find the traditional Khmer cuisine any different than the Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indian cuisine. There are plenty of Sihanoukville restaurants which serve the traditional Khmer cuisine, locals, as well as international tourists, head to these restaurants in great numbers to enjoy the tasty and spicy food which mostly comprises of rice or noodles, soups, curries, vegetables, meat, fish, and tropical fruits.

The locals eat different types of meat like dog meat, frog meat, snake meat, turtle meat, pork meat, chicken meat and cow meat and also use it to prepare delicious soups. If you have not tried dog meat, tarantula meat, or frog meat before, this is your chance to order them at any of the Sihanoukville restaurants. Sankya Lapov, Amok Trey, Caw, Cooked Prohak, and Ban Hoaw are some of the famous Khmer dishes that you need to try while in Sihanoukville.

Almost all the Sihanoukville restaurants serve different types of beers, soft drinks, juices, tea, coffee, and bottled drinking water. Different types of sweet dishes, ice creams, and other desserts are also available to complete your dinner or lunch menu.

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