Why Should You Plant A Food Garden

In the same size as a double-bed you can feed your family every day with organically grown fresh vegetables in just a few months. If you have some property in your back yard or you live in the city and have only a single bed size to spare, it is easier than you think.

Today people are able to get all the required to start a food garden that will fit on the balcony of an apartment. One can purchase containers that can drain the soil as required, or one could even test the quality of the soil created to very precise measurements.

For less than $50 you can purchase potting soil and containers, with a few dollars spent on seeds you, will be able to feed your family after a few months. You will get a lot more than good health because of the improved efficiency of your metabolism and how your body detoxifies itself. You will also hopefully discover that ‘connection’ which created our bodies millions of year ago.

Our digestion is not built to digest unprocessed organic foods, even 100 years after the invention of junk and processed foods we still see no adaptation to our ability to withstand these toxic onslaughts that go through us every day. When we put our hands in the soil there is a possibility that we can find that ‘connection’ with our creator.

There is a reciprocity that you can feel, even though it may take a few months of eating organic foods, you will feel that there is more than just the growing of a carrot or potato in your food garden. However good or bad it might feel to be see something grow that you were responsible for, you will know deep inside that you are making that ‘connection.’

Whether you believe in the bible or not, the metaphor of the Garden of Eden is something we can scientifically prove. Any contemporary dietitian or nutritionist will tell you to stay away from processed foods and rather eat organic foods that are without toxins.

The Paleo Diet based on the “The Primal Blueprint” written by Mark Sisson has been extensively researched proving that our genetic ability to handle processed food is not getting any better. The highly processed foods we eat every day how now shown to cause diseases Cancer and Diabetes that increase every year at an alarming rate with diabetes now the fastest growing disease on the planet.

The only solution is to do something about it so we can ‘connect’ to the reason why the creator put us here in the first place. Our genetic predisposition when eating correctly gives us increased efficiency when consuming organic foods and health as a result becomes self-evident.

The basic foundation on which our bodies started to evolve over millions of years is built on eating foods that our bodies are originally designed to eat. The same can be applied to treating a new auto-mobile exactly as specified by the manufacturer.

A car will last a lot longer if treated correctly, a healthy auto-mobile will outlive any unhealthy badly treated auto-mobile. If the car is treated correctly as indicated by the manufacturers it will last a lot longer than not caring for it.

If we follow the directions as indicated by our creator based on solid research done on the best foods to eat. With all the state of the art science we have available we still cannot find a better way to feed ourselves than by eating organically grown foods as indicated by our creator. Science has still not found a better way to feed ourselves.

Creating a food garden should be the topic of conversation at all dinner tables around the world. It starts with education and knowing that this ‘connection’ is possible by simply feeding oneself in the most efficient way because we are what we eat.

Rebecca R. Ammons

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