How to spot low quality freeze dried products

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Freeze-drying, a process, also known as lyophilization, in which the temperature of the product is lowered to below freezing, and then a high-pressure vacuum is applied to extract the water in the form of vapor, ensures the best quality for many dehydrated food products. In other words, the freeze-drying process helps to remove solid ice in form of vapor from perishable products to extend their shelf life or make the product more convenient for transport. Solid foods can be dried in their original form, or they can be cut or sliced to the desired dimension to reduce drying time. Cutting or slicing foods in pieces before freeze-drying can also enhance food product appearance and functionality. Liquid food products such as coffee extract can also be freeze-dried. The liquid food should be frozen as a layer on a cold drum and cut into particles of the desired form for the product application. The frozen particles then are subjected to the usual freeze-drying. Freeze drying usually provides several benefits over other drying and freezing methods. Good quality freeze-dried solid food should retain the natural and attractive shape of the original food product. Also, high-quality freeze-dried food should maintain its original raw color, shape, flavor, and nutrients (fibers, vitamins, bioactive compounds, etc.). Also, lyophilized food can be stored at room temperature for a long time and should be easily reconstituted with water in a short period. If you spot freeze-dried foods that do not satisfy the requirements for good quality mentioned above, you should not buy them. To purchase high qualities foods, check this link:

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